Well, alow me to begin by welcoming you to my site. feel free to snoop around everything you can find. You can start with my LiveJournal wich can somtimes be depressing, but the majority is just plain fun. Then continue with the bottons to your left.

19 January 2006: I've finaly put my album back up. The design is not what it used to be, but I hope I have time to change that one day.

Me: here you can find parts of the site that are about me. I'm most proud of my album collection, I scanned every photograph that I've taken and put up there, and I alsow have a few from my digital camera. You can alsow find information about my world tour, rules that I've written and more to come.

Icelandic Movies: I like them alot, and I'm collecting digital images of theyr posters, trailers and other information. And you can find it all here.

DVD Collection: I'm very proud of my collection, in January 2006 I had 160 movies. Feel free to borrow some.

DVD Translation: when I buy a DVD I go trough great deal to get the best edition there is, and sometimes that means buying DVD's from Asia. In thouse cases the Menu is in some strange language. This corner should help you find your way trough thouse Menu's.

Links: most sites have a corner much like this one. It dosn't need much explaining. Simply sites that I enjoy alot.

Guest Book: another corner that's many sites are decorated with. And not without reason. It's always fun to know who has come to my site. Write your name.